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“Highly effective, works tirelessly, very good role model”

A Forest Childcare Association Provider

Childminding: A Home from Home

The major pros with childminder settings is that they allow children to grow in a natural, homely environment. Children can enjoy baking, cooking, shopping, household activities such as cleaning (yes my children LOVE to help me vacuum and wipe floors – I guess that’s a sure sign they aren’t teenagers yet!), access to outside space, daily trips and much more. As such, I have become a firm believer in the quality of care which is offered through a good childminder.

Childminding is very flexible. For instance, if a dry patch appears in a week of rain, we can bundle into the car and go into the great outdoors without hesitation. I have even been known on occasion to buckle to the demands of little voices wanting adventures in the woods or to act as knights and princesses at Leeds Castle. I love being able to provide such spontaneous opportunities; it makes for a fun setting but one which maintains those necessary consistencies such as routine.

The level of education is exactly the same as a nursery environment as Ofsted and the Early Years Foundation Stage requires the same standards from every setting – we just deliver it in our own unique ways. I have a Level 3 Diploma as an Early Years Practitioner and I am a member of the Forest Childcare Association.


To find out the experiences others have had of me and the childcare I provide to early years children and older, please take a look here.

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My Setting

I provide a home-from-home environment for your child which balances nurture, adventure, learning, exploration and play.


My gallery is full of pictures depicting my home, a typical day in my care and pictures of activities and outings to give you a flavour of what is offered at Tiny Tiggers.


I am an Ofsted registered childminder who has completed relevant training. Here’s more about my credentials.

Policies & Procedures

Policies and procedures are an important and mandatory part of the care I give to your child. My documents are available to parents at all times.