I was so impressed with the tailored activities for my son, he loved trains and his highlight was making a giant train to ride in, he was included in designing, making and painting the train. This is just one example of Kristy using my child’s interest to develop his construction and design skills.

I recall him (my son) telling me about playing car washes and mechanics with the ride on cars. Kristy frequently took my son to larger outdoor spaces too.

Kristy provided me with information to help me understand more about EYFS and different stages of development. She identified how my son learns (she gave it a more technical name-schema?) which was of great use. Kristy also sends updates of my son with photos of the activities he was taking part in, I loved this very much, especially when one feels guilty about leaving their child.

Kristy gave me far my information about my child’s development then I ever received from a nursery setting.

My son loved going and was almost disappointed when I came to pick him up as he didn’t want to leave.

The attention he got and Kristy understanding of how my child functions; his interests, dislikes, heritage, learning style etc were all considered and planned for. I also approve of Kristy’s attitude to behaviour management, boundaries were always clear and my son always feels safe in this environment.


Secondary School Teacher

Having previously been in a nursery my son would frequently cry when we dropped him off, consequently as parents we were a little anxious of how he would settle at Tiny Tiggers. He is a boy that enjoys lots of different activities and a clear structure so thrived in Kristy’s care. From day one he was settled and relaxed, the home environment and consistency of other children ensured Fraser knew want to expect week on week. My son frequently talks of the activities he undertook ” lets go to Kristy’s house and get the trains tender” is often asked. Kristy’s attention to detail, identification of learning styles and  ability to identify individuals needs is well above anything I have ever received from a nursery setting.
The best part was dropping of our son and seeing him being excited about his day at Tiny Tiggers and eager to go, he would frequently say ” see you later mummy, come on kristy” as he waves and takes Kristy by the hand to go play. Kristy would send photos and videos of our son showing us what activities he has been doing, as a parent it was lovely to show him these photos and ask him about his day. My son would frequently cry when home time came as he was enjoying himself so much. In the short time Fraser was with Kristy he showed great improvement in his counting and his use of imaginative play.
 Previously I had always preferred a nursery setting as I believed it was better equipped to entertain and educate children, however since using Tiny Tiggers I would now always opt for a childminder in home setting. I completely trust Kristy with my Son and knew she  will offer a fantastic level of care.

Mother of F

R enjoyed having a wide range of activities that she could engage with at the setting. She benefitted greatly from having other children to interact and play with, with imaginative play being encouraged and art/ craft projects being brought home. It was always very easy to discuss any issues or concerns with you. I was happy that she was somewhere that felt like a second home for her and she was able to relax after school.

When we were visited for our intitial home visit, R was immediately relaxed and at ease around you, she felt confident to discuss her likes and dislikes and was eager to talk about herself. R can be quite shy and lack confidence around strangers, but always showed an eagerness to want to see you, and spoke about things that she did in your setting. It didn’t ever feel like R was being looked after by a childminder but more like by a family member who knew R well, with time always spent to have a chat about R or the family in general.

ER, mum to RR


G loved his Child Minder and made strong connections with her and the other kids in her care. He grew in confidence and character and reach milestones beautifully as he developed.  Very happy with all elements of care he received.

We love Tiny Tiggers and all the values and encouragement and support of G’s development. It feels like a real extension of our family and it’s a true blessing to be a part of such a lovely environment.

Tiny Tiggers is a great and safe place to let your children thrive and grow.  We would recommend Kristy to all parents and will be sending our future babies into her care too, space allowing.

Kristy is a genuine ‘Superwoman’ – not sure how she achieves what she achieves but I’m very proud to have her in G’s life.

Sarah von Bratt

Kristy has always been very open, honest and fair. We can genuinely approach her with any concerns and her advice is impartial and very good.

We will only place our children in someone’s care when we feel they would be safe, and we feel confident knowing our children will be safe and cared for by Kristy. Kristy has always respected my children’s values and beliefs.

We are very thankful that our kids could benefit from being with you whilst we were at work. We appreciate all you do for them and value the fact that you always strive to better your already broad knowledge of child development. It has certainly benefitted us greatly. Thank you for all you do Kristy. Maybe in due time, take on more staff as you are so good with the kids. It would be great to teach someone else how and what you do, it would be very beneficial to our society. We need more people who care for children like you Kristy. You are an excellent role model for others.

Wikus and Breggie Rautenbach

Social Worker and Teacher

My son said that he enjoyed coming to your home as he enjoyed playing with all the other children.

As a family we always felt like our children were cared for and nurtured whilst attending Tiny Tiggers. We would recommend your service to our friends and family.

Carole Rich

Social Worker