As a parent myself, I am passionate about providing healthy and nutritious foods to my children and will do the same with any childminded children.

I promote the 5-a-day principle and I encourage children to choose wisely with food. I explain the importance of eating well and making healthy choices and also encourage children to exercise by providing lots of outdoor activities and time for them to be in the fresh outdoors.

If you want to send a packed lunch with your child, please be encouraged to include healthy foods.

I cook all my meals from scratch and only use jarred sweet and sour sauce which I add more vegetables to. I almost always use fresh food and buy my food from reputable supermarkets and the Maidstone Market (fruit and veg which I wash). I can provide vegetarian options as well as cater for any religious and allergy requirements. I also include meals from other cultures to encourage and teach children about different cultures and help them to enjoy a wide range of tastes.

I provide fresh water all day, 1/3 pint of milk for under 5s (I can claim this free) and diluted fruit juices if required.

I encourage children to eat will but I will not force them. If a child refuses a meal I will not serve food until the next designated snack or meal time. I will offer a child fruit if they do not complete their main meal but will keep parents informed if this develops into a pattern so that communication is clear and strong. I complete a “day in the life of”sheet for each child every day they are with me and this will include details of what your child has eaten so you are regularly informed of their eating habits and choices.

Please see below a sample menu of the foods I serve in my setting:

7am –8:30am – Arrivals, Breakfast and Free Play or song time

10.15am – Healthy Snack and drink

12:15pm – Lunch and drink

2:30pm – Snack and drink

5:00pm – Dinner


Tiny Tiggers Sample Menu