A Typical Day

The typical activities your child will experience at my setting

This is an outline of a typical day in my care. By no means is this timetable set in stone; I can adapt things in order to meet your child’s needs. While routine is important to children and something which I bring consistency in, sometimes being spontaneous is a great opportunity for learning. For instance, if we experience snow or if an activity has really captured the attention of the children then I allow flexibility to flow through my time with the children.


7am –8:15am  Arrivals, Breakfast and Free Play or song time

8:15am –  School and Nursery Runs

9:00-10:30/11:00 – Trip to the Park/Music Group/Toddler Group/ Library/Museum/Children’s Centre/Kent Life/Leeds Castle/Other attraction

10.15am  Healthy Snack and drink

10.30/11:00 – Nap time for babies and younger children

10.30/11-12noon – Activity – arts and crafts, sports, game, outdoor play, dance etc

12:00noon – Tidy up, wash hands

12:15pm  Lunch and drink

12:45pm  Circle time

12.50pm – Music time, reading, IT time – quieter activities encouraged in lead up to nap time

1/1:15pm – Nap time (milk where applicable). Non sleeping children can enjoy Child Led Play or Activity

2:20pm – Snack

2:30pm – School run

3:30/3.45pm – Child led play but with activities on offer if wanted

5:15pm – Dinner

5:45pm – Tidy up and pack bags

6:00/6:30pm – Home Time